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High Quality Reports

We provide the highest quality detailed reports for home buyers, investors and home owners.

Powerful Property Services

Help protect property owners investment and enhance their ownership.

Valuation Report
Detail valuation for a property for the next 3, 5 and 10 years. Great for determining refinancing and selling options.
Crime Report
Complete breakdown of crime in the area of your property. Crime rates typically impact the value of a property.
Detail Report
Breakdown of the features of a property rooms, size, heating, cooling, etc. Great information for knowing the details of a property.
Copy of the deed, grant deed, title or other record filed for a specific transaction.
Flood Report
Report and map showing the flood dangers for a particular property. Useful for determining insurance and being prepared.
History Report
Complete history of a property, all owners and transactions since the beginning of the property.
Parcel Map
Maps showing parcel lines along with actual GPS coordinates to determine parcel lines on the ground.
Risk Report
Detail report showing the risks that may impact a particular property. Great for insurance and being prepared.
School Report
Breakdown of schools for a particular property. Shows rating, test scores, student teacher ratio and more.
Comparable Properties Report
Detailed information on 10 or more comparable properties to yours. So you can learn what will help increase the value of your property.

Property Monitoring

We scan the web and the dark web to determine if your property is being used in any nefarious way.

Property Alerts

Text or email alerts notifying you that your property is being used without your consent.

Information Correction

We help correct information about your property that has been recorded incorrectly.

Homestead Filing

Simple process for filing your property has a homestead which provides tax and other legal benefits.

Valuation Suggestions

Detailed valuation suggestion to help you determine the best time to sell or refinance a property.

Sex Offender Alerts

Text or email alerts notifying you if a sex offender moves with in a specified distance of your property.

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